Metro Redux Bundle (Xbox One Key)

SKU code: 2185
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Metro Redux Bundle (Xbox One Key)

Metro Redux Bundle (Xbox One Key)

SKU code: 2185
This activation key Metro Redux Bundle for Xbox One can be activated only in the accounting records of the region Russia!
SKU code: 2185
299 грн.
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    • This activation key Metro Redux Bundlefor Xbox One can activate "only" in the accounting records of the region Russia!

      In 2013, the world struck apocalypse, almost completely destroyed the humanity and transform the earth's surface into a poisonous pustosh.Gorstka survivors took refuge in the depths of the Moscow underground, and mankind was plunged into a new Middle Ages.

      Then came 2033. a whole generation has grown up under the ground. The besieged city stations are fighting among themselves for survival, but outside the cities roam the terrible mutants. Your name is Artem. You were born in the last days before the earth was burned, but have grown under the ground. First you do not go beyond the city limits, but the fateful event caused you to go on a desperate journey to the center of the underground labyrinth to warn the survivors of hanging over them monstrous threat. But do they listen? Rather than to join forces, the inhabitants of the subway at war with each other in the struggle for power source, lethal device from military depots D6.Nazrevayuschaya civil war can ever erase humanity from the face of the Earth.

      In order to activate this keyMetro Redux Bundle Xbox One Keyyou need to make the entrance to your account!

      If the activation does not come out on the PC and you receive such a message -Contact the seller to get a code that works in your region. This code was purchased in a different region and can not be redeemed.

      So you need to enable VPN and switch location on the Russian region.

      PC Activation - Windows 10: at

      1. Make sure you are signed in to the Microsoft account for which you want to redeem the code.
      2. Onthe main page click on your avatar.
      3. Select "Redeem Code".
      4. Enter your 25 digit prepaid code and selectConfirm...

      How to redeem a prepaid code on Xbox One:

      1. Onthe main page, scroll to the right and select the iconMicrosoft Store...
      2. Select itemUse code...
      3. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the 25-digit code on the screenCode or gift card activationand then pressFurtherto end the process. Do not enter hyphens: the system will take care of them automatically.

      After the activation code you will receive a confirmation message (if not out then the game must be activated on the PC site

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      Activation keyXbox Live (Russia)
      release date29 августа 2014 г.
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