3DSLink (3DS)

SKU code: 383
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3DSLink (3DS)

3DSLink (3DS)

SKU code: 383
MultiRom and Online game now on this cartridge!
SKU code: 383
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    • 3DSLink - cartridge, which is able to run downloaded games for 3DS and DS! This requires a game console 3DS and 3DS XL in which the stitching is not above 4.5 version.

      At this stage it is the cheapest among all the available cartridge.
      Included you will find 3DSLink USB Micro SD adapter and two cartridges in white and gray. White cartridge 3DSLink launches games for 3DS, any region. Gray cartridge 3DSLink launches DS games any region.
      3DSLink developer team always has its finger on the pulse - constant support and clear instructions on the manufacturer's website.

      3DS game cartridge LINKfor a portable gaming console, Nintendo 3DS has received a new firmware version. Now the cartridge is able to launch new games and most interesting 3DS Link is now able to accommodate a lot of Multi-ROM games!

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