PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) + Marvel Game Spiderman5.001

SKU code: 2126
PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) + Marvel Game Spiderman
PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) + Marvel Game Spiderman
PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) + Marvel Game Spiderman
PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) + Marvel Game Spiderman
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PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) + Marvel Game Spiderman

PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) + Marvel Game Spiderman

SKU code: 2126
The new PS4 Pro console + Marvel Spider-Man is the most powerful 4K console ever.
SKU code: 2126
15,999 грн.
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    • PlayStation 4 PRO!

      3 years after the release of the PlayStation 4 game console from Sony, the manufacturer announces the release of an updated and modernized version of the Pro. The new console has almost completely replaced the hardware component and has several differences from the regular version in the software part.

      Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (1 TB) Limited Edition Spider-Man + Marvel Spider-Man Includes:

      • Gaming console Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (1 TB) in a unique color
      • Custom Color DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
      • Monaural headset
      • Power cord
      • HDMI cable
      • USB cable
      • Marvel Spiderman game. Together, Marvel and Insomniac Games have come up with a new story about Spider-Man, unlike the hero you know from comics and movies. This Peter Parker is an experienced fighter with the criminal gangs that threaten New York. He is constantly balancing on the brink, while trying to clean up his personal life, build a career and protect the nine million New Yorkers, whose fortunes depend on his decisions.
      • Voucher to download the City That Never Sleeps Expansion Pack from PlayStation Store

      PS4 Pro 4K Specifications:

      • AMD Jaguar processor, 8 cores, 2.1 GHz;
      • AMD Radeon graphics with performance up to 4.2 teraflops;
      • RAM DDR5 8 GB;
      • 1 TB hard drive;
      • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz).

      Supports PS4 Pro technologies:

      First of all, it is worth noting the support for UHD resolution on 4K TVs and the use of HDR dynamic range of colors. These two technologies work together to enjoy colorful and vivid images in ultra-high definition. Non-4K TVs are automatically upscaled.

      Widespread streaming (English Streaming) is fully supported by the console at the software level and synchronized with many popular resources. Streaming gameplay is easy and supports 4K resolution.

      The release of the PlayStation 4 pro almost coincides with the presentation of the new PlayStation VR headsets. The console is fully prepared to support this product and guarantees an unrivaled experience when used together.


      All products released for PlayStation 4 are 100% Pro compatibility. Updates for flagship games are expected to support new solutions in the Pro version. Backward compatibility is also guaranteed, all Pro games are supported by the standard console.


      The use of more powerful hardware will improve the gameplay of older games and support modern developments with high resolution. The console is almost 2 times more powerful than the standard version. The updated DUALSHOCK 4 game controller comes standard.

      Warranty12 месяцев
      Weight6 kg
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