PS4 Slim (1TB) Black + Horizon Zero Dawn + Gran Turismo Sport + God of War + PS Plus 3 months

SKU code: 2232
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PS4 Slim (1TB) Black + Horizon Zero Dawn + Gran Turismo Sport + God of War + PS Plus 3 months

PS4 Slim (1TB) Black + Horizon Zero Dawn + Gran Turismo Sport + God of War + PS Plus 3 months

SKU code: 2232
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim (1 TB) Black will provide gamers with a new experience with improved image processing capabilities through HDR rendering.
SKU code: 2232
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    • Sony PlayStation 4 Slim (1 TB) Black will provide players with a new experience through improved image processing capabilities through HDR rendering.

      Features of the game console Sony PlayStation 4 Slim (1 TB) Black:

      • Play in a new way
      • Try the slim, compact and still powerful PS4 for those who play.

      • Updated Slim PS4
        • Discover vibrant, rich colors with stunning HDR rendering
        • 30% thinner and 16% lighter than the original PS4
        • Store your games, applications, images and videos on a 1 TB hard drive
        • All popular TV shows, movies and more are available in your favorite entertainment apps
      • Peerless control
      • The improved Dualshok 4 wireless controller feels different and has new features including a brighter lightbar that gives you even more control in your games .; This is the most comfortable and accurate controller ever released for the PlayStation.

      • Best PS4 Games
      • Enjoy the biggest hits, PlayStation exclusives and immersive games.

      • Most social console
      • The freedom to play, share and communicate with the entire gaming world.

      • Share Play
      • Invite friends to join your adventure, challenge them in multiplayer matches, or let them play for you even if they don't have the game.

      • Remote Play
      • Stream your games to your PC, Mac or PlayStation Vita over your home Wi-Fi and forget about the TV.

      • Stream your game
      • Stream your adventures live to the world on Twitch, YouTube or Dailymotion.

      • Share instantly
      • Share screenshots and videos of your greatest gaming moments on Twitter and Facebook.

      • Keep in touch with your friends
      • Create parties, chat with friends and join gaming communities to find new players

      • Conquer the world
      • Forge alliances, settle scores, and play with friends and rivals in the online modes of your favorite games - exclusive to PlayStation Plus members.

      • System software updates
      • Regular PS4 system software updates bring you new features and ways to connect, communicate and play.

      • Fresh interface
      • Improved and more concise with new updates, icons and background images of the interface

      • Data transfer
      • Easily transfer games, profile data, images and more from one PS4 console to another

      • Folders
      • More ways to organize your games and apps

      • PSN Profile
      • Customize your profile and compare your game progress with your friends on PSN

      • Quick menu
      • You can create links to the most essential functions and access them while playing

      • Prizes
      • View offline prizes and hidden prizes information

      Technical characteristics of the game console Sony PlayStation 4 Slim (1 TB) Black:

      • Black color
      • Model: CUH-2208B
      • CPU: x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" low power, 8 cores
      • Memory: 8GB GDDR5
      • Storage capacity: 1 TB
      • Dimensions: About 265mm (width) x 39mm (height) x 288mm (length)
      • BD / DVD drive (read only):
        • BD x 6 CAV
        • DVD x 8 CAV
      • Connectors:
        • Super-Speed USB Ports (USB 3.1) x 2
        • AUX port x 1
      • Network capabilities:
        • Ethernet 1 (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
        • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
        • Bluetooth® 4.0
      • AV connector:
        • HDMI output port

      Includes PlayStation 4 Slim (1TB) Black (CUH-2208B) + Horizon Zero Dawn game. Complete Edition + Gran Turismo Sport Game + God of War Game + PS Plus 3 Months Includes:

      • Game console Sony PlayStation 4 Slim (1TB) Black
      • DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
      • Monaural headset
      • Power cord
      • HDMI cable
      • USB cable
      • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition... In a beautiful post-apocalyptic world, where nature has conquered the ruins of forgotten civilizations, the remnants of humanity have united into primitive tribes of hunter-gatherers. Power over the new wilderness has shifted to machines, horrible mechanical creatures of unknown origin.
      • Gran Turismo Sport game... The acclaimed series of realistic car simulations, Gran Turismo Sport, will debut on PlayStation 4. In collaboration with the FIA, Polyphony Digital has developed an affordable and balanced game that will appeal to motorsport enthusiasts and avid racers alike. Fasten your seat belts and take part in two online championships: represent your country in the Nations Cup and defend the honor of your favorite brand in the Manufacturers' Cup!
      • God of War game - This astounding reimagining of the history of God of War combines all the hallmarks of the iconic series - fierce battles, epic boss battles and breathtaking scale of the action - and underpins them with a powerful and moving storyline that brings new colors to the world of Kratos.
      • PlayStation®Plus voucher for 3 months

      Weight5 kg
      Warranty12 месяцев
      Storage volume1 ТБ
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