Doom (PS4)5.002

SKU code: 1202
Doom (PS4)
Doom (PS4)
Doom (PS4)
Doom (PS4)
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Doom (PS4)

Doom (PS4)

SKU code: 1202
DOOM for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) offers again to face with the bloodthirsty demons and save the world.
SKU code: 1202
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    • Running goose bumps on the skin, hair standing on end and had risen a slight trembling of limbs in anticipation: id Software - the creators of monsters, bloody fights lords, rulers dungeon nightmare will present the long-awaited release of the new closer, without any reservations, the cross-platform version of the epic DOOM.

      For avid (and not very) gamer id Software - the name needs no further introduction. Some of the most successful pioneers of the genre of first-person shooter (officials claim that it is they invented it, leave too loud statement on their conscience), developers Deathmatch mode (in which it is already possible to agree), the owners of factories, newspapers, steamers ( strikethrough, though ...).

      In other words, the new DOOM PS4 - definitely a phenomenon. It is difficult to assess how successful will be able to compete on its own id field, but the game is now already promises to be interesting:

      • single-player game Doom mode for PS4 with a lot of "buns", "features" and features - passing the script (I wonder whether the subject line or leave the right to more than two finals - "everything is bad" and "everything's cool"?), fantastic , the familiar and the mixed nature of the gun;
      • new and improved multiplayer games - familiar desmatch in cyclonic pace (the epithet "hurricane" is no longer applicable due to lack of dynamics), incredible weapons and bonuses - the movement in three planes and a chance to turn into one of the monsters;
      • individualization - promised strong support network community (can you believe), it is unrealistic flexible level editor (DOOM SnapMap), guaranteeing superluminal rates create and publish multiplayer maps.

      And krovischa, krovischa and again krovischa - a handful of flying pixels color overripe ketchup is no longer enough, the audience Give absolute cruelty. Stabbing, cutting, cut-and-oppressive and so tearing hands and trampling feet. No wonder the player is offered in a frenzy to outdo hellish creatures.

      Incredible paced action inDoom on PS4- it is possible that in the Nightmare mode, the player will need to limit the concentration of self-empowerment. In other words, academic pundits again opened a portal to hell, and erase them you will have, normal guys usually rapid reaction units. Nowhere to retreat. whether to remain at least a split second to gain IDDQD?

      Buy Doom for Xbox One.

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