Battlefield 2042 (PS4)

SKU code: 3004
Battlefield 2042 (PS4)
Battlefield 2042 (PS4)
Battlefield 2042 (PS4)
Battlefield 2042 (PS4)
Battlefield 2042 (PS4)
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Battlefield 2042 (PS4)

Battlefield 2042 (PS4)

SKU code: 3004
Battlefield 2042 on PS4 is a first-person shooter that takes the series back to legendary epic action.
SKU code: 3004
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    • Description of the game Battlefield 2042 PS4 buy cheap:

      Battlefield 2042 review for PS4 is a first-person shooter that returns the series to legendary epic battles. In the not too distant future, the world is in chaos. Adapt and overcome challenges on ever-changing battlegrounds with the support of your squad and advanced weapon technology.

      In Battlefield 2042, battles take on an unprecedented scale with up to 128 players. Challenges await players in expanded Conquest and Breakout modes, as well as Battlefield Portal, a new platform where players can create battles from the legendary past, present and future of the Battlefield universe to share with other players and get a different look foreshortening. Battlefield Hazard Zone is an intense mode where squads must fight for survival. Every bullet, every fight and every decision counts.

      Battlefield 2042 PS4 game features price availability:

      • A world where chaos reigns The year is 2042. Unpredictable weather conditions and conflicts over resources have affected the relations of world powers. The US and Russia are on the brink of war, and various restless fighters are forming independent tactical groups. Fight to determine the future in an all-new theater of war
      • Battles for 128 players For the first time in the history of the Battlefield series, 128 players will be able to take part in an all-out war at the same time. This large number of players allows for completely new gameplay experiences and epic moments in Battlefield. Now you can experience the full scale of battles like never before, where anything can happen.
      • Supported only on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation5, and PC. 64 players can play simultaneously on Xbox One and PlayStation4...

      • Extensive and dynamic environment Experience even greater scale of war on seven huge maps that have been created with a refined approach to design. Each battlefield includes several different battle areas located in the same play area, and additional space allows you to make the game more interesting and varied: tanks now have more room to move, and fighters have more room to maneuver. These maps feature ever-changing combat conditions and game challenges. You will have to adjust to dynamic events and natural disasters on the fly, such as sandstorms in Qatar, rocket launches from a spaceport in French Guiana, and hurricanes that threaten the concrete jungle of South Korea.
      • Arsenal of the latest technologies Show your imagination in battle with a wide range of cutting-edge weapons, vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and all-new gear for the future. Summon the Ranger Robotic Fighting Dog, use the syringe pistol to revive your squad members from afar, grapple into new locations, try on a wingsuit, launch a scout drone, and more.
      • Specialists Choose your mission on the battlefield and form the perfect squad thanks to the new specialist system. It is based on the four classes of fighters in the Battlefield series, each with a unique specialization and talent, while the rest of the equipment is completely customizable. The selection and equipment of specialists allows you to create well-coordinated squads that will perfectly show themselves in any battle.
      • Battlefield Hazard Zone - Hazard Zone is an intense squad survival mode that combines immersive gameplay with the best of Battlefield sandboxing. As part of a squad of four, you have to find and capture data carriers scattered throughout the battlefield. Get ready to fight back other units pursuing the same goal. Capture storage media and evacuate before the storm hits the area. The stakes are high, you only have one chance! Every bullet, every fight and every decision counts.
      • Battlefield Portal - Take part in incredible battles and become part of the Battlefield universe thanks to a platform where players have the ability to independently determine the rules of battle. The creative sandbox mode gives you endless possibilities. Customize weapons, equipment and other rules and elements of the game. Play the classic modes of Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Use the full arsenal of Battlefield 2042 to create, play and share completely new stories.
      • Classic Maps - Revisit iconic maps from previous Battlefield titles, updated to match the next generation of standards, in the Battlefield Portal. All the classic maps will be presented in an updated form thanks to the latest version of the Frostbite engine - with improved visuals and destruction effects, preservation of the original geography and support for 64-player battles. At the time of the release of the game, six classic maps will be available: Port Arica, Valparaiso, El Alamein, Operation Ardennes, Border
      • Caspian Sea "and" Noushehr Canals ".
      • Return of the Irish - Legendary Battlefield character Kimble "The Irishman" Graves, an old acquaintance from Battlefield 4, returns to Battlefield 2042 as the Restless Specialist. Players who pre-order Cheap Battlefield 2042 will receive an exclusive Irish skin.
      • New Seasons, New Content - A seasons system awaits you and the community in Battlefield 2042, which will ensure regular updates to the game are released. New seasons will tell more about the world and add additional content to the game: specialists, places, weapons and equipment. Players looking to get the most out of the Battlefield 2042 shipping price can purchase the Year 1 Pass and receive 4 New Specialists, 4 Battle Passes, and 3 Epic Skins (Scorched Earth, Storm, Cold Blood) ...

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      DiskЛицензионный Blu-Ray
      release date18 ноября 2021 г.
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