Call of Duty WWII (PC | Steam)

SKU code: 1851
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Call of Duty WWII (PC | Steam)

Call of Duty WWII (PC | Steam)

SKU code: 1851
On this page you can buy Call of Duty WWII - key to activate the system in the PC | Steam, to play on the European servers in Russian.
SKU code: 1851
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    • On this page you can buy Call of Duty WWII on PC Steam - key to activate the Steam system, to play on the European servers in Russian. Bought key Call of Duty WWII on PC Steam you will receive immediately after payment by mail or boxed set where as the same activation key. You can pay any way you like, from credit cards to cash upon receipt.

      Attention! Map Call of Duty WWII for PC Steamnot suitable for the American version, only for European and Russian, but at the same time your account must be registered in Ukraine or one of the CIS countries (not suitable for activation in the Baltic States), and you must also log in from an IP belonging to this region!

      Finally, the chief military shooter of all time, Call of Duty presented their fans a long-awaited sequel titled Call of Duty WWII. Like its predecessor, the game was designed by the famous American company Sledgehammer in the genre of three-dimensional first-person shooter and released exclusively for the PC platform owners.

      The main advantages of Call of Duty WWII for the PC with activation on Steam:

      • Great graphics.

      • Bright special effects.

      • A dynamic soundtrack.

      • Detailed map.

      • Multiplayer.

      • The sophisticated gameplay.

      Action shooter Call of Duty WWII PC Steam takes place during the end of World War II in the European arena of military conflict. The main characters, the fighters of the first infantry division from around the world participate in the cult of historical battles, such as the Normandy landings, the storming of Berlin and fighting in the occupied cities of France. Heroes as before are willing to give their lives for peace and start a merciless battle with opponents.

      The new game Call of Duty WWII on PC Steam was not without innovation. Now players will be able to try out the new way to create your own character and plot new network mode. Also visit the cooperative zombie mode in which to learn a new kind of scene mode. As a player a huge arsenal of weapons, which more than once saved the lives of both themselves and their comrades in battle.

      At this time, Call of Duty WWII for Steam developers decided to go back to "the roots of the series," and reproduced on the player screens war in all its terrifying and exciting form. Game Call of Duty WWTWO PC Steam will be a real discovery for both beginners and for fans of the legendary series.

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      release date03 ноября 2017 г.
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